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Our experiences are a total new way of exploring the Holy Land. Where on a real tour you can join us walking the Via Dolorosa, in our virtual tours we can show you where Jesus walked in different ways, for instance in the Galilee, through valleys and ancient roads that do still exist but are difficult to see form a tour bus.

We use 360 and drone images, Google Earth and other visual aides and combine that with the knowledge of experienced and licensed tour guides in Israel.

We specialize in history and biblical Israel and many of our tours are actually bible study tours as we walk through the holy land.

With a private tour you decide what the experience will be about and who will have access to it. Our experiences have been bought by the Ministry of Tourism, by schools, churches and private audiences.

A private tour starts at $250 for 1 hour and 10 minutes, plus 30 minutes of Q&A afterwards with the tour guide and included the recording.
You can choose of any of the tours we have created.

Customized virtual tours are possible.
We can create new tours customized for you. Send us your wishes and we will provide you with options for a unique tour.

For travel agents and touring companies we offer pre-visiting virtual tours to Israel to help the travelers have an orientation of their destination.
Also, we offer this service as a sum-up experience to Israel travels groups.

Gift certificates are available. Gift your parents, in-laws, friends, pastor, minister and more – as the virtual experience would fit anyone with interest in Israel the Holy Land.


Thank you for giving us this experience. It was amazing, and heart-warming. Some teachers were saying they were crying during the tour.
Most of us really dream to see Israel. Your tour made it possible.

I will ask the help of our EdTech to inform the school of the recording.
I did not expect we would be having a photo 🙂

That was sweet!
Thank you!


Elementary Department Coordinator, Grade 1 Adviser”

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Private Virtual Tour