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On the way from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, your guide will tell you about the history of Israel and the Jewish people. After about an hour we arrive at the Mount of Olives where we have a magnificent view over both the Old City of Jerusalem and the real Old City; the City of David. Transportation is with minibus with maximum 18 participants.

Next we walk down the Mount of Olives and will pass the Dominus Flevit church and the hundred thousand Jewish graves towards Gethsemane, the place of the kiss of Judas, aka the Betrayal of Christ,  and the fairy-like Grotto of Mary.

If we are on schedule we have a break and stop for  coffee or juice at the All Nations Café.

The bus will be waiting for us and bring us back up to the Old City, which we will enter through the Dung Gate before ascending to the Temple Mount, the site of the original Jewish Temples and now the site of the Al Aksa Mosque and the iconic golden Dome of the Rock.

Through the Muslim and Christian quarter we will stop for lunch. Those who want to shop for souvenirs can do so (only) during lunch time.

Then we will follow the last 4 stations of the Via Dolorosa, aka the Way of the Cross or just "Painfull Way" to the place of the crucifixion of Jesus at Golgotha and the tomb of Jesus at the Holy Sepulcher Church.

Please note: we will NOT enter the tomb. If you want to enter the tomb, you can go to the church during lunch and wait in line, it can take hours, with no guarantee you will be able to enter the tomb before we leave.

After the Holy Sepulcher Church we continue through the Jewish quarter, passing the Roman Cardo on the way to the Western Wall, aka Wailing Wall or Kotel, the holiest place which Jewish people can visit.

Note: on Fridays, Saturdays and Jewish and Muslim holidays it is NOT possible to visit the Temple Mount. We will visit Mount Zion instead, the location of the Room of the Last Supper and King David's Tomb.

Changes to the programs are possible due to security or weather conditions.

  • Price: $135 per tour for about 10 hours.
  • Pick up at selected stations in center of Tel Aviv, NO pick up and drop off in Jaffa (see pick up locations).
  • All tour guides are officially licensed by the Ministry of Tourism of Israel.
  • Drinks and meals are not included, at the café cash is needed, at the lunch restaurant you can pay with credit card.
  • Transportation is included.
  • Modest dress (no shorts or sleeveless shirts) and head covering are required for visiting holy sites.
  • Cancellation Policy: If you cancel at least 10 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is 100% refund. If you cancel between 4 and 10 days in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50% refund. If you cancel within 3 days of the scheduled departure, there is no refund.

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5 star ratingHighly recommend Really great tour! We throughly enjoyed it- perfect mix between informative and fun! Itai was a great guide and Tony was a great driver - and we can only highly recommend the Jerusalem day trip!’

263traveler Avatar


5 star ratingInsightful It was a real pleasure to have the tour with Itamar. He patiently answered our questions and gave us real insights into what happened in Jerusalem

Venture63303905448 Avatar


5 star ratingHeartily recommend this tour! Great way to get introduced to the old city of Jerusalem. Nadia is an excellent tour guide - knowledgeable, high energy and finds the right balance of being flexible but keeping us on time. Also an excellent communicator. The tour was excellent and a comprehensive survey that left us feeling satisfied but excited to see more next time!

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529KellyB529 Avatar


5 star ratingFantastic day! Jerusalem was pure magic! I am so very grateful that we were a small group and that our guide Nadia was so fantastic! She really made the day with her explanations and good humour. We all learnt so much and the day flew by. Many thanks!

1234562 Avatar


5 star ratingGreat experience The tour was exceptional and very detailed. Pickup instructions were clear and the bus was on time to the minute. Our guide Itamar was very friendly, knowledgeable and eager to answer every question. He provided a great experience with backstories and clear explanations with pictures on every part of the tour thus making the whole trip so much better. Look no further when booking a tour of the moreThe tour was exceptional and very detailed. Pickup instructions were clear and the bus was on time to the minute. Our guide Itamar was very friendly, knowledgeable and eager to answer every question. He provided a great experience with backstories and clear explanations with pictures on every part of the tour thus making the whole trip so much better. Look no further when booking a tour of the city and ask for Itamar if possible.shrink

R1516YImikel Avatar


5 star ratingPerfect! I booked the tour according to the reviews and it was amazing, it did not disappoint at all. Perfect start of our trip!
Kudos to our tour guide Frank!!!!!

EsterGold Avatar


5 star ratingGreat day out We set out at a reasonable time from Tel Aviv and Itamar our guide was extremely knowledgeable and entertaining. The tour covered the most important things in Jerusalem. The small group made it more enjoyable and easier to follow.
I would definitely recommend the boutique tour.

J8572XQjeand Avatar


5 star ratingI will come back This was the best tour i ever had. NADIA HAS SO MUCH KNOWLEGDE! I have learned a lot. I will come back to Tel Aviv and will book the other tours that they offer.

willemijnc2023 Avatar


5 star ratingJerusalem tour Faboulus experience. Very ilustrative, Nadia is a wonderful guide. Little bus, not crowded. We learned a lot.

Companion255077 Avatar


5 star ratingRobby was amazing! It was great tour. Guide Robby was awesome! Totally recommend and wish I would have taken more tours with him.

justApro Avatar


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We start on top of the Mount of Olives which has a great view over Jerusalem. After an introduction of the city we walk down the Mount of Olives over palm Sunday Road to the Church of All Nations at Gethsemane, at the bottom In the Old City of Jerusalem we will walk through the different quarters, through the Arab Souq and will visit: The Western Wall The Cardo Golden Menorah The Temple Mount (Golden Dome of the Rock) The Via Dolorosa (only last stations) The Church of the Holy Sepulcher For non-Muslims it is not possible to enter the Dome of The Rock. In the Holy sepulcher we will NOT wait in line to visit the Tomb of Jesus

Included in this tour

Cost includes

  • Transportation with comfortable minibus.
  • Professional licensed guide.

Cost excludes

  • Lunch, we have lunch at a panoramic restaurant with good toilet facilities.
  • Price of lunch:
  • Pita, humus, falafel, salads with drink NIS 60 ($18)
  • You have option to roam around during lunch and eat somewhere else and use the time for a visit to a souvenir shop.
  • We do NOT have a collective visit to a souvenir shop or other commercial enterprise.
Do I need to bring my passport?

Technically you need to have legal ID with you at all times.
Some people make a photocopy of their passport and carry that.
On this tour we do NOT cross an international border.
We might cross a checkpoint controlled by the army, this checkpoint is not an international border and it is not necessary to hold an official travel document in order to pass through it.

What is the dress code?

The dress code for visiting holy places:
Women: shoulders and head covered (with scarf), legs must be completely covered, no leggings (otherwise you get a loan dress and or scarf at the Temple Mount).
Men: shoulders covered, long pants.
Shoe advice: shoes with a rubber sole. Flip flops are not recommended.

Can we join this tour in Jerusalem?

This tour has pick ups only in Tel Aviv.

In Jerusalem you can meet the group at the view point in front of the Seven Arches Hotel
This meeting point is on top of the Mount of Olives, at the entrance to the toilets.
There is usually a camel sitting there.
You can take a taxi to come to this location and you will receive a Youtube link with the history that the guide speaks about during the bus ride from Tel Aviv.

Tell the Taxi driver Seven Arches Hotel if he need directions. But on top of the Mountain, our meeting point, the toilets, is about a 100 meters in front of the Seven Arches Hotel, the viewpoint looking over the Old City.

Location on the map:

Please take care of traffic so leave early. If you walk. please realize you have to walk up, which means a slower pace, so leave on time as well.

We send you an update the evening before with the expected time of arrival, which is usually around 10.40am and the contact details of the guide. (NOTE: if you book via a platform like Tripadvisor we do NOT automatically receive your email address, YOU have to send it to us).

If you book directly via our website we refund $25 for the taxi, there is no discount since we have to keep your seat for transportation within Jerusalem, from Gethsemane to the Old City.

The official name of the view point is the Rekhav'am Observation Point

Can I bring luggage?

You can come with your carry-on luggage to a pick up point in both Tel Aviv or Jerusalem.
The luggage will be in the bus with the driver all day.
At the end of the day you can take your luggage from the bus at the Dung Gate on the south side of the Old City of Jerusalem.
You take a taxi from there though you might have to walk upwards for about 100 meters (that depends on where we meet the bus).

If you bring luggage from Jerusalem you will be dropped of at any of the stations on our route in Tel Aviv.

If you have larger piece(s) of luggage you have to inform us before and receive confirmation before.

How can I identify the bus?

The minibus has a print of Amazing Jerusalem at the window and the guide will step out of the bus to meet you.

What time are we back in Tel Aviv?

Expect to be back at or close to your drop off location between 6.00 and 7.00pm

Can I be dropped off at the airport?

Yes, this bus passes Ben Gurion Airport on the way back from Jerusalem to Tel Aviv.
Extra cost is NIS 100 per booking, to be paid to the guide.
Expected time of drop off at departure hall of Terminal 3 is between 17.45 and 18.30pm.

Is lunch included?

Food and drinks are not included, if you want to join lunch, it costs NIS 60 (about $17,50) for a drink and shared table with pita bread, humus, falafel and many salads, which all will be refilled when empty.

Is there a lot of walking, do I need to be fit?

Yes. We use transportation to get from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
There we walk down the Mount of Olives and at the bottom we use the bus again to bring us up to the Old City.
We walk in a relaxed pace but we walk all day, so travelers must have a moderate physical fitness level.

How can I pay with my credit card?

We use Paypal as the payment provider. This does NOT mean that you need a Paypal account.
After you click the pay button, you can add your credit card details for a secure payment.

We DO NOT accept phone bookings with credit card, you have to book online.

Can I leave things in the bus?

Yes, you can.
We use the bus to drive from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem. After walking down the Mount of Olives (Palm Sunday Road), the bus brings us to the other side of the valley to the Old City for a walking tour. Around 5 o'clock you get back to the bus again.
The bus driver will be with his bus all day.

Does this tour covers visit to the Tomb of Jesus (Holy Sepulcher Church) ?

NO, we do not wait in line to visit inside the Tomb.
We visit the church after lunch, which is close to each other.
If you want you can skip lunch and visit the church and stand in line, you have about an hour to 1.15 hour before the group will leave the church.
The group cannot wait, if you are still in line, you have to catch up with the group later or meet them at the departure point.

I am staying outside of Tel Aviv (Bat Yam, Herzliya, Ramat Gan, Raanana)

If you come with a car we suggest you to come to the starting point, which is HaTachana, The Old Train Station. We leave there at 8.50am sharp. There is a large parking place and several cafe's to sit with a coffee before we leave.

If you come with a taxi from Herzliya we suggest you to come to Leonardo Beach Hotel, HaYarkon Street 156.
The bus leaves there at 9.09am

If you come by train you can exit on station HaShalom or Ha'Haganah and come to Rothschild Boulevard 22.
Apps to check departure and arrival times:

If you use public transportation we suggest you to come to Rothschild Boulevard 22 where the bus leaves at 9.30am. There is a café (Golda) or you can sit inside the (public) lobby of Hotel 22.
The guide will come out of the bus to meet you.

Please be aware that traffic can be very slow in Tel Aviv, leave and arrive early so you will not miss the trip.

What parts of the Via Dolorosa, we will walk on the tour

This tour only passes the last stations of the Via Dolorosa which are located inside the Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

Does this tour visit the tunnels?

No, this tour does not visit the Western Wall tunnels or the tunnels under the City of David.

Does this tour covers visit to the Tomb of Virgin Mary ?

The tomb of the Virgin Mary on the Mount of Olives is not guaranteed.
If the guide tells you there is no time, you can decide to visit it instead of the Church of All Nations (Basilica of the Agony) or instead of the coffee break which we have at Gethsemane.

The tomb of Mary on Mount Zion (Dormition Abbey) is only visited when the Temple Mount is closed.

I would like to put a wish and message to God in The Western Wall, is that possible?

Yes, that is possible, a visit to the Western Wall is on the itinerary of this tour.

Is the tour happening when it rains?

Yes we also go to Jerusalem with rain, but walking down the Mount of Olives is skipped if it rains, that is too dangerous.

Which location listed for pickup has parking nearby?

There is a large parking at the start of the tour, it is also cheaper then almost any other parking in Tel Aviv.
It is called Kaufmann Street Parking, next to HaTachana, aka The (Old) Train Station.
Location is:

At 8.50am the bus leaves from there.
Please note that traffic can be slow, please leave on time, there is a coffee shop next to Tash and Tasha Café (the meeting point).
The bus leaves at 8.50am, if you miss it, you have to take a taxi to Rothschild Boulevard 22, the bus leaves at 9.30am from there.

You can send your enquiry via the form below.

AmazingJerusalem Boutique Tour $135