When you arrive at the train station you will first go through a quick security check. Your bags will be scanned and you will pass by a metal detector.

Then you look for the ticket counter where you buy the tickets.
If you are adventurous you can also use the ticket machines. They have an English menu.

According to your plans you can purchase a single train ticket to Jerusalem, a two way ticket, a combination ticket that will allow you to come back and to use the bus/light rail in Jerusalem for the whole day. I will let you know what is best for you after we determined the schedule of the day.

You then proceed to the platform. The trains to Jerusalem go every 30 minutes.

There are 3 train stations in Tel Aviv. According to where you are staying you will leave from Mercaz Savidor, Hashalom or Haganah.
I will let you know which station is most convenient for you.

Here are the time tables:
The trains leave from Mercaz Savidor every hour past 12 and every hour past 43 from platform 3.

The trains leave from Hashalom every hour past 14 and every hour past 45 from platform 2.

The trains leave from Haganah every hour past 19 and every hour past 50 from platform 3.

You should arrive 10/12 minutes before the train departs at the station in order to go through security and buy the tickets.

Make sure you hold onto your ticket, you will need it to exit the station upon arrival.

When you arrive in Jerusalem you walk to the sign with the escalators.
You will take 3 very long escalators up.
Once you are outside, walk towards the lightrail stop on Jaffa street that is located right in front of the train station.

To Jaffa Gate
Do not cross the rails but take the lightrail going right, towards the city center. You can buy a ticket at the platform at one of the machines.
Get out at the City Hall (Municipality) Station and continue towards the Wall of the Old City. Keep the wall on your left and you will reach Jaffa Gate.

An indication of the cost:
A single train ticket from
Tel Aviv to Jerusalem costs 22 Shekels (NIS).

Creator of this page: Leontine Cohen Pauka, Licensed Tour Guide in Israel, in English, French and Dutch.