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Tel Aviv has a lot to offer and the website of the municipality has a great website with lots of information about events and attractions.

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Bicycle tour in Tel Aviv
Tel Aviv is without a doubt the bike capital of Israel with its flat topographic layouts, dozens of kilometers of bike routes, and mostly comfortable climate during the year (over 300 of sunny days) – which makes the electric bike and city bike the perfect transportation vehicle. In the center, at Ben Yehuda Street 13, Pole Position, gives a 3-hour guided tour from Sunday to Thursday at 11 a.m., the rest of the day you can keep the bike.

Tasting in The Milk & Honey distillery
During a one hour tour, you will learn about the history and process of distillation, walk through the various stages of spirit making – from grain to glass – and finish with a guided tasting of our creations. The distillery shop offers bottles, including special limited edition, exclusively available there, as well as unique gifts for whisky lovers and fans. Advanced booking is required.

The Tel Aviv Museum of Art
It holds the world’s largest collection of Israeli art. It also features international artworks by the likes of Picasso, Van Gogh, Klimt and Monet as well as impressive photography and design installations. But that’s not all- the museum’s building, designed by Preston Scott Cohen, is a masterpiece in itself. Open on Saturday, which shouldn’t be taken for granted in Israel, where many things close for the Sabbath.

The Carmel Market (Shuk HaCarmel in hebrew) is Tel Aviv’s biggest and most famous open-air market. Whether you’re looking for spices, vegetables, or clothing at a bargain price- you are sure to find it here. In recent years, the area has also joined the ranks of Tel Aviv’s trendy spots for bars, restaurants, and chef-owned food stalls. Prepare yourself for an authentic and vibrant Middle-Eastern experience.

Located right by Tel Aviv’s famous Carmel Market, lies the wonderful Nahalat Binyamin Street. Here, every Tuesday and Friday, the Nahalat Binyamin Market comes to life- an arts and crafts fair featuring works by over 200 artists. Get your daily dose of creativity with these diverse stalls featuring everything from handmade jewelry to photography to ceramics.

Just next to Jaffa’s picturesque Old City and ancient Clock Tower lies the Jaffa Flea Market (Shuk HaPishpeshim), where vendors sell antiques, second-hand, and handmade items. The area is considered one of Tel Aviv’s trendiest spots. As you wander around, you will discover a wide selection of cafes and laid-back bars, ideal for having a drink after a successful day of antique shopping.

Sarona Market. In recent years, Tel Aviv has established itself as a foodie destination for its thriving culinary scene. At this indoor market, you can experience all flavors of contemporary Israeli cuisine under one roof. With over 90 shops, stalls, and restaurants offering quality dishes by local chefs, you are sure to have a good time. Before you leave, don’t forget to buy some Israeli produce to bring back home.

Levinski Market (Shuk Levinski in Hebrew) is a gourmand’s paradise with its range of flavors, spices, nuts, dried fruits, and fusion cuisines. For every scent and spice in the Shuk, there’s a story of culture and heritage. Stroll through the colorful shops or visit one of the local restaurants for a unique culinary experience.

Every Friday, the Jaffa Greek Market is bustling with people. The market is chalk-full of stands with beautiful art, small trinkets, and crafts, accompanied by the masterful artists. Restaurants, bars, and shops fill the streets, and the experience makes for a wonderful daytime stroll.

The Port Market is located right in the center of the Tel Aviv Port, a great place where you can enjoy wonderful food alongside the sea. A visit is obligatory for those interested in the sights, sounds and aromas of Tel Aviv’s culinary scene. For more than a decade, every Friday morning, farmers from all over the country bring and sell their fresh produce here. During the week, the market offers high-end specialty food shops with everything from local olive oil to cheese and beyond.

Discover hidden gems at the Giv’on Square Market, the weekly antique and second hand fair, taking place every Friday. Whether you’re looking for accessories, old toys, rare books, or random collectible items- you are sure to find it here.

Note: glass bottles are NOT allowed on the beach.
You have to buy your bed, chair or shade at a payment terminal at the boulevard or through the Tel Aviv-Yafo Beach App:
App Store: https://apple.co/2EMZgJM
Google Play: http://bit.ly/2wwbCkT.

Sitting at beach clubs is free and a few essentials like water and pita humus have fixed prices, set by the municipality.
All beaches have life guards and large sports events are can usually be seen on large screens on the beach at the bars.

Beach Safety Flags:
White Flag: bathing is permitted.
Red Flag: the sea is dangerous and bathing is permitted only between red flags.
Black Flag: bathing is not permitted.
Purple Flag: beware of jellyfish.

From north to South:

Known for its rainbow colored umbrellas, Hilton Beach is considered Tel Aviv’s unofficial gay beach. Here you can partake in adventurous water-sports such as surfing and paddle boarding. The southern part of the beach is considered the number one spot in Tel Aviv for surfers, while the northern area is completely dog-friendly.

Gordon Beach, located near the Tel Aviv Marina, is one of Tel Aviv’s busiest beaches. If you love being active, this is a must-visit. Here you can enjoy volleyball courts, a seawater swimming pool overlooking the sea, workout equipment, and more. TIP: for lunch and diner in the sand: La La Land.

Located in the heart of Tel Aviv, Frishman Beach is a popular spot. This family-friendly beach offers volleyball courts, an outdoor fitness center, and a variety of nearby restaurants and bars.

Bograshov Beach, set at the heart of the Tel Aviv promenade, is a spot loved by locals and visitors alike. Enjoy a refreshing swim, play the popular Israeli paddle ball game, “matkot,” or relax on the sand as you soak up some sun. Afterwards, stroll through the adjacent Bograshov Street, which is lined with shops and restaurants.

Banana Beach, in front of the Royal Beach hotel, has a relaxed fun atmosphere with a 24/7 bar, crowded with locals and foreigners.

Alma Beach is the last beach before Jaffa. This place hosts Manta Ray restaurant, the only real restaurant at the beach in Tel Aviv, for many years already, great fish dishes.
At the other side of the restaurant you have the bar, also for take away. Chill music, especially of Friday afternoon, when a dj takes over. Watch the Friday afternoon vibes on Alma Beach 🎞️🎞️.

In 2003, UNESCO proclaimed Tel Aviv’s White City a World Cultural Heritage site, as “an outstanding example of new town planning and architecture in the early 20th century.” The citation recognized the unique adaptation of modern international architectural trends to the cultural, climatic, and local traditions of the city.

Liebling Haus, The White City Center was co-founded by the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality and German Government. Its mission is to preserve the heritage of the White City and International Style buildings, also known as “Bauhaus.” Tel Aviv, the first Hebrew city which sprawled along the shores of the Mediterranean with its gleaming white buildings, warmly embraced the International Style which conceptualized, expanded, and reinvented modernism.

The Bauhaus Center, established in 2000, is dedicated to bringing this unique architectural and historical phenomenon to public recognition.
They offer 2 hour guided tours on Friday at 10:00 at the Bauhaus Center next to famous Dizengoff Square or explore on your one with an audio guide of 1,5 hour.

Tel Aviv Restaurants
The Tel Aviv food scene is creative, innovative and very tasty. Almost too good to be true.
Click here for our tips for the best, tastiest and most interesting restaurants in Tel Aviv.

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