Gaza Border Tour to Sderot and Nova Music Festival $150

Join tour guide Amit Musaei, October 7th survivor of the terror attack at the Nova music festival. As Amit takes you to the sites of his personal trauma, you will learn about the conflict's history and gain an understanding of the Gaza envelope area and the local’s challenges since October 7th.

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The tour will start by unfolding the history of Gaza's geopolitics and the contemporary history of the conflict. Upon arrival to Sderot enjoy a coffee break and then proceed Sderot’s lookout, from which one can have the sense of the proximity to the border with Gaza, and the panoramic view of Gaza’s northern areas( Jabalia, Beit Hanoun and Gaza city) following Israel’s southern coastal plains cities: Ashdod & Ashkelon.

From the lookout a short drive through the old and new neighborhoods of Sderot as we learn about the community’s resilience and defense challenges. Stop by a unique resilience play park and Sderot’s Menorah made of “Kasam'' rockets to learn about the artillery attacks over the town and Israel.

Another short drive will bring us to the site where Sderot’s police headquarters were located and demolished. Amit will share how the Yamam(Israel’s counter terror unit) took over the building.

From here we will drive about 20 minutes towards Reim rest area, located between Kibbutz Beeri and Kibbutz Reim. This is the location where the Nova music festival was happening where the terrorist attacked and murdered 364 people. Amit will share here his story and how he survived step by step as he presents videos he recorded during the escape. You will have time to visit the temporary memorials made by family and friends of the victims.

The last site of the tour visits the bomb shelter at the entrance to Kibbutz Mefalsim, on their way to occupy the Kibbutz, the terrorist murdered every person they could, including Amit’s best friends: Adir & Shiraz Tamam, Celiene Ben-David Nagar. Amit will tell about the battle of Mefalsim and how his friends had no chance to survive the monstrous attack.

From Mefalsim we will drive back to Tel Aviv

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Gaza Border Tour to Sderot and Nova Music Festival $150