Tel Aviv Urban Food Tour

Marvelous urban walking tour through the White City, passing Israel's most famous boulevard and some, not so well known byways, towards the most gentrified neighborhood in the Holy Land: charming peaceful and calm Neve Tzedek. The second part of this tour takes place in the tasty Carmel Market. Maximum 10 participants.

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On this tour you will stroll Rothschild Boulevard all the way from Habima to Ahuzat Bayit, the neighborhood that was renamed Tel Aviv in 1910. While walking you learn about the problems of the founding families and their success in building a modern Hebrew City and enjoy the beautifully restored Bauhaus architecture in the UNESCO protected White City. 

Around this time we will have a coffee break before continuing to Neve Tzedek. From a slum from the 19th century that was about to be erased, it became home to over a dozen billionaires. This charming, chic, neighborhood is now filled with boutiques, cafe’s, restaurants and elegant fashion and jewelry stores. 

After our part of urban history and iconic sites, we continue to the second part of this tour which is tasting. For this we continue to another old neighborhood, built in 1904 for poor immigrants from Yemen, called Kerem HaTeimanim. Their market grew into the largest one of Tel Aviv. This Carmel Market also survived the city's obliteration plans and is thriving now. In addition to the fruits and vegetables stalls and little Yemenite restaurants it now has many bars, eateries and chef-owned food spots. 

During this tour, your guide will point out the locations of some great bars, restaurants and nightclubs which list you will also receive on paper with a map of the area.

Tripadvisor review

We had an amazing day on this tour! Menno is a walking encyclopedia who provided a great combination of history, architecture and urban development insights, while at the same time pointing out all the bars and restaurants that we should visit (bellboy cocktailbar here we come!).

The Carmel market was an experience by itself and we would have never found the hidden gems we were taken to. Felt like a local with all the different food and beer tryouts!

The tour was for us (brothers 20-something + 30-something) perfectly balanced in terms of comfortably walking with a coffee to go, sightseeing/listening and enjoying the market.

Jelle P.

Date of experience: February 2022

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Tel Aviv Urban Food Tour