Jerusalem you have to visit with a guide and we have great tours that you can join.

Tel Aviv you can explore on your own and we are creating these 360 videos to give you ideas where to spend your time while visiting the city.
Watch these videos on your phone or tablet for the best experience, just turn your device left or right to look around.

You can send us your questions and requests to and they will be answered in the upcoming video’s.

With info from tour guide:
Surprising Detour on Rothschild Boulevard (12.09)
Levinski Food & Spice Market (4.00)
Bauhaus, Bau House and Dizengoff Street & Square (5.48)
Tel Aviv beaches from Hilton to Alma Beach (18.34)
Independence Trail (Rothschild Boulevard) (15.26)
Jaffa Old City – Story of St. Peter and importance to spread of Christianity (6.59)
Ben Gurion Boulevard, Independence Park (7.06)

Just walking, no speaking:
American-German Colony (4.15)
Tel Aviv beach boulevard (6.41)
Bars in Jaffa, Friday afternoon (1.03)
Jaffa Old City, Artist Quarter, hanging tree (3.17)
Sarona German Colony and urban food market (7.30)
Neve Tzedek – Chelouche Street,Susan Dellal Center, Shabazi Street (restaurant Suzana at 8.00). (10.11)