The following tours are operated by Be Tel Aviv not by Booqify / AmazingJerusalem.

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Market Tours
Taste some of the best middle eastern cuisine and soak in the atmosphere in Tel Aviv’s open air markets. Try special delicatessen unique to these markets and hear authentic stories between the stalls.

Cost: 235NIS per person

Tours Schedule
Sunday: 12:30PM – Levinski market
Monday: 12:30PM – Jaffa Flea Market
Tuesday: 12:30PM – Carmel Market
Wednesday: 12:30PM – Levinski market
Thursday: 12:30PM – Jaffa Flea Market
Friday: 11:00PM – Carmel Market

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Street Art & Graffiti Tours
Tel Aviv is a rising star in the international street art and graffiti scene. This magical tour will take you through the side streets and alleyways of this colorful urban underground scene. Together we will explore the best works of the street art and graffiti that covers the walls of our public space. Come learn about the history of graffiti, discuss philosophical, psychological and economical aspects of urban art, get to know the different agendas and styles of this constantly changing art that is a hidden part of our everyday lives. The walls around us speak to us every day, join us and learn the language of the streets.

Cost: 149NIS per person

Tours Schedule
Sunday: 10AM – Florentine
Monday: 10AM – Park Hamesila
Tuesday: 10PM – Nachalat Binyamin
Wednesday: 10AM – Florentine
Thursday: 10AM – Park Hamesila
Friday: 10AM – Kiryat Hamelacha
Saturday: 11AM – Florentine, 3PM – Kiryat Hamelacha


Street Food Tour
Street food is an invaluable part of Tel Aviv’s intriguing culinary scene, the city streets are filled with vendors offering dishes and snacks from every corner of the globe. First of these are the ones we all know: Falafel, Humus, Sabich and Burekas, none originated here, but all are very much Israeli. Any random person off the street will be happy to direct you to the place that makes the best pita dish – After all, they are all the best!

– Visit the busiest, most famous street food stands in Tel Aviv.
– Try the most iconic Israeli street food dishes.
– Learn about street food from a local guide.

Tour includes
– 4 food tastings at authentic street food stands.
– 1 drink
– 1 dessert

Cost: 200NIS per person

Tours Schedule
Mondays & Tuesdays at 11:30AM


Pub Crawl – Night Tour
Tel Aviv is a destination world-famous for its bustling nightlife and party scenes, attracting the best DJ’s and young travelers from all over the world. We provide local connections to all the hidden spots you probably won’t find by yourself and VIP hospitality in all the massive clubs. There is an abundance of different styles and places to go and we have all the options and knowledge you may need to party till you drop.

Cost: 100NIS per person

Join us for an unforgettable night. Try to keep up, in the city that never sleeps.