Golan Geopolitocal Jeep Tour, copyright Ilan Schulman

After meeting on kibbutz Merom Golan, the first Israeli community established in the Golan Heights – will use the off roads crossing Quneitra valley and see the backyard of the kibbutz and the way we live here.

Acres of orchards and unique ways of irrigation, water reserve, winter crops at the summer time, cattle raising and more…

Part of the kibbutz land consider as part of the Israeli defense line along the Syrian border.

Will see how it built and combine military needs with civilian use. The plan it’s to stop in one of the Israeli bunkers, near the border for seeing inside Syria and understanding about the complicated relationship between the two countries and the Syrian civil war.

Next place its Quneitra, pre 67′ the capital city of the Syrian Golan and today a ghost town.

We will get to the border crossing, the Israeli soldiers from one side and the Syrians rebels from the other. By crossing the crater of mount Avital, the trails will bring us back to the kibbutz.