We doen dingen ietsie anders

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No stress, wonderful boutique hotels and delicious restaurants in Tel Aviv. Amazing tours to Jerusalem and personal service. If this fits you or your clientele then please have a look at what we have to offer.

What makes us unique?
Being ranked the #1 Experience in Israel helps, but it is the way we communicate with you that makes the difference.

From the moment you choose one of our tours or packages, any question you have, will be answered by your guide. We don’t have a sales office and account managers, only independent professional tour guides, totally dedicated to make sure you have an awesome, once in a lifetime, experience. They will deliver what they promise, that’s what made us the #1.

Most people visiting the Holy Land have one chance for visiting Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Masada etc. Why take a risk that those visits might not be a perfect match with your expectations? Well, now you know you don’t have to.

Our motto: don’t be perfect, be honest.

Shalom, Salam, Cheers! 😎

* DMC = Destination Management Company

We are a member of The Israel Association of Travel Agencies and Consultants