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April 25, 2020

In February the Israeli government started closing its airport for more and more flights and one of the first sectors affected was tourism.

Inmediately the government said to start a program to support tour guides, but this excluded guides working with private clients, some got $500 in the last 2 months, others, like myself got nothing, zero.

A general grant which was promised to “all businesses” mid March was never paid to us and many other companies.
They did not forget to take our company tax and we do continue to pay social security tax.

In Israel, unlike other countries, the government guaranteed emergency loans are not fully backed, so all our requests for emergency loans were rejected.

We had hundreds of cancellations and most of the money received from these bookings was spend on fairs, marketing and taxes.
All in the low season. We did not get to harvest in March when the high season started.
We are very sorry for all all our clients that are waiting for refunds but at this moment we cannot act without government support.

With making and giving live virtual tours, tour guides can finally work again and hopefully have found a way to get a bit of financial relief. FYI we also live in one of the most expensive countries in the world.

We charge $12.50 per tour but offer them for free if you share our website with friends on social media.

If you join a tour for free and enjoy what you see, a tip for the tour guide will be highly appreciated.



Thank you for your support,

Menno de Vries

Tour guide and founder of Booqify.com

Tour guide license number:  12768
Company registration number:  514425834

Unemployment benefit to tour guides – ZERO
Subsidy small businesses – ZERO
Emergency loan – REJECTED
Company taxes – taken by government
Social Securities Tax – taken by government

Unemployment benefit to tour guides – ZERO
Grant for businesses – REJECTED
Grant to the self-employed – REJECTED
Emergency loan – REJECTED
Commercial loan – REJECTED
Social Securities Tax – taken by government
Return of VAT Q1 – no

Unemployment benefit to tour guides – ZERO
Social Securities Tax – taken by government
Grant for self-employed – applied
Return of VAT Q1 – no
Return of company tax Q1 – no

On May 12 and on May 18 registeration opens for two new different grants from the government. According to the accountant these two will both be approved.

No result yet of May 12 grant application

Updated on May 17