Visit Israel, Tel Aviv, Jerusalem from United Arab Emirates

Free Israel webinar
Tuesday December 8 at 9pm (UAE time)

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Soon there will be direct flights and you, dear friends from the Emirates can come and visit.

In this free webinar, hosted by award winning, tour guide and entrepreneur Menno de Vries will show you what you can expect in both cities.

Tel Aviv: the city to play
With wonderful beaches, delicious restaurants and a great night scene, Menno will show you the popular places and how to get by in this vibrant 24/7 city that never sleeps.

Jerusalem: the city to pray
The Old City of Jerusalem is only 1 by 1 kilometer. This tiny piece of our universe is shared by Jews, Christian and Muslims who all have their own religious places. You will hear about the highlights and when and how it is possible to visit them.

There will be time to for questions which will all be answered.

Visa regulations

Citizens of Israel and the UAE will be able to travel to each other without a visa.

Residents with other citizenship may need to apply for a visa.

Check your status on the list of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel.

Common nationalities in UAE: India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, The Philippines and Egypt all need to apply for a visa.


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#1 experience in Israel
The daily boutique tour from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem was awarded the #10 Travelers’ Choice Award 2020 for Top Experiences in The Middle east and #1 in Israel.