In the footsteps of Jesus in the Galilee – Part 2- Sea of Galilee

Follow Jesus footsteps in a 1 hour virtual tour and visit the Galilee with an Israeli licensed tour guide who will make this experience educational and fun while you can interact with video and audio.
Tour will also includes biblical references and a glance to the Jewish life at the Galilee in the 1st century AD.


We will focus on three main sites of Jesus ministry (Matthew 4: 23-25)
and miracles of Jesus at the Sea of Galilee northern tip.

After HE was rejected from Nazareth(Luke 4:29-30) Jesus chose Capernaum as his hometown from which he will minister all around the Galilee and the Decapolis.

The Mount of Beatitudes

The first site of visit is the Mount of Beatitudes where the Sermon on the Mount traditionally occurred(Matthew 4:23 – 7:29).
Understand better why Jesus used the salt of the earth parable(Matthew 5:13).
Also explore the byzantine style modern church and it’s artistic representation of the event commemorated here.

With beautiful views of the Sea of Galilee also see local agriculture and learn how controlling this fresh water lake is crucial to State of Israel and caused a war in 1967 with Syrians that set on the lake eastern shores and the Golan Heights.


Proceed to Capernaum and from archaeology you will learn about Jewish life in the Sea of Galilee and how introducing a paralyzed man from a house rooftop was actually possible(Luke 5:17-26)

See where Jesus’ headquarters was(Matthew 8:14-16 )and why Capernaum location was important for Jesus’ ministry.Visit the monuments that are standing to commemorate HIS presence in Capernaum – the Church and the Synagogue(Mark 1:21 ).


End the tour with a visit to Tabgha where some miracles occurred and where Peter received his primacy(John 21:3-10)

Last – see how a fisherman’s boat from the 1st century looks like as one was discovered under the water and presented in this online tour.

You will visit:

  • Mount of Beatitudes – Place of the Sermon on the Mount
  • Sea of Galilee lookout
  • Capernaum – town of Jesus
  • Tabgha – Peter’s primacy

How does it work

This Zoom meeting is guided by an Israeli licensed tour guide and open for Q&A.
Your tour guide will make this online experience of the Galilee alive by showing photo spheres, aerial images and drone pictures besides unique lookout views that you cannot have even on a real tour. Besides the tour guide will also show maps, diagrams and models so history takes shape.

Like our other tours you can contact us for having a private tour to your clients/church/community etc. which then could be modified to your request.


5 star ratingVirtual tour of Caesarea, Caesarea Maritima, Israel. Very well prepared, excellent clear images, and very interesting. A nice experience ahead of an in-person visit! Definitely worth it to do a virtual overview, for large scale understanding of the site and history. Thank you! Hope to see you in person soon!

IrinafromUK Avatar

5 star rating4th virtual tour In January 2020 i came to Israel with a group and Amit was our tour Guide. We all fell in love with him as his passion, knowledge and love for his home land was so evident in his tour. When i got home and Amit started doing the virtual tours, i knew i wanted to "go" back to beautiful Israel and learn more. Every vitrual tour i have taken has gotten better and better and Amit makes the virtual experience come alive. I can't wait till i come back to the Holy Land in 2022 and I hope Amit will be our guide again.

Traveler276626 Avatar

5 star ratingJerusalem from yr armchair I had a very nice/ informative tour on Jerusalem. I clearly showed where the most important highlights are located and how they are connected. Great / fun to watch!

jhav2017 Avatar

5 star ratingInteresting story The online tour about the history of Tel Aviv learns about the birth of Tel Aviv in a revealing way you don’t find in the usual touristic information sources. So I can really recommend this online tour.

422michaelav Avatar

5 star ratingHighly Recommended! During this time of social distancing, It is really great to interact with Amit, our tour guide, and the other people that have joined the virtual tour on Zoom. Amit is very knowledgeable, open to questions, and conversation about the places he shows in the tour. He tries to keep it to the hour and is willing to stay after if there are additional questions. He will set up private virtual tours as well if the times that are advertised do not fit in your schedule. I have attended all of his virtual tours and highly recommend ALL of them. It is a bargain at $12.50. I applaud his creativity in figuring out how to support his family during this time that all tour guides in Israel are unemployed. Visiting these places bring the Bible to life for me and I know it will for you too. Come check it out.

rhondahh7 Avatar

5 star ratingVery interesting tour Amit is a knowledgeable guide and he prepared a very interesting presentation. I discovered very surprising facts about Jerusalem. I recommend him. I'm sure is ready for a walking tour.

guide_florin Avatar

5 star ratingA good intro to Jerusalem I really wanted to visit Jerusalem and having a good background of the place is interesting. Amit guided us with this tour online and I learned new things about Jerusalem. Thank you, Amit!

161angelo Avatar

4 star ratingVirtual Tour of Jaffa Amit did an excellent job. This virtual tour using the Zoom software platform was informative and entertaining. I'm sure that I would have given a better rating, but I had to leave before the tour was finished. My apologies to Amit.

BPH260 Avatar

5 star ratingAmazing Thank you so much for the tour it was amazing, loved the way you showed Jerusalem with all the maps and pictures. Very interesting andI would love to see more tours!

384sils Avatar

4 star ratingNot to be missed Great virtual tour. Very informative and was given by a very knowledgeable guide Amit Musaei. I'll be back for more.

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