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5 star ratingExcellent in every way This tour ticks pretty much every box for me. The length is a reasonable time and starting a bit later than other tours. The 9 am pick up means that you don’t get caught up in the morning rush hour traffic so much, so the effective start time of the tour in Jerusalem is similar to some of those that leave earlier.

The smaller group size is ideal.

I liked that they didn’t plan in endless time for souvenir shopping. Whoever wanted to do that was free to use the lunch break for that. Speaking of which, lunch wasn’t spectacular but good value for money and quick, which is not often the case on guided tours.

Itamar was an excellent guide, very knowledgeable. I think we saw about every important place in the old city

MichelCarlo Avatar

4 star ratingVery fine tour of Jerusalem What sets Booqify apart from other groups is the smaller size, along with the focus on the Old City and the avoidance of markets. Our guide Chava was wonderful--keen, engaging and clearly a wealth of knowledge. For me, it was almost too much information or in some cases, information that I already knew. I would almost prefer less information and more time to look around and then on my own, I can fill in more detail as I see fit. This is of course a very personal opinion, and everyone has different expectations of a tour.

There was certainly an abundance of sites packed into one day, from the Mount of Olives. to the Church of the Holy Sceptre, to Temple Mount, The Western Wall, other churches along the way, and a chance to get at least a fleeting glimpse of the different quarters.

Most people regardless of their religious affiliations are aware of the need for respect when visiting the holy sites of other religions and their respective dress codes and I made sure to wear a dress that was well below the knees and a wrap with which to cover shoulders. As such, I was personally taken aback by the ugly black burka like skirt that I and most woman were made to don nonetheless while on Temple Mount. Just a word of warning to anyone who might be offended.

I was certainly glad to do the tour and found it to be very valuable. Should I ever go back to Jerusalem I would simply wander around the quarters on my own and spend more time getting a sense of the people who live there and their everyday lives as opposed to mostly focusing on the religious sites.

Travels-with-Claire Avatar

5 star ratingDoesn’t get better than this! I highly recommend this tour. I just finished an incredible day with our small group. Our tour guide Itamar was amazing and very knowledgeable. The tour moved at a good pace but enough time was spent at each place. Jerusalem old city is breathtaking and this tour does a great job of making sure you see all the key sites. Itamar took great care of us and the place we stopped for lunch was really good.

Susan J Avatar
Susan J

5 star ratingFascinating tour of Jerusalem We had a fantastic tour guide called Chava, she was very informative and taught me so much that I never knew. We started off at 9am rather that the early 7am that most bus tours do and there were only 18 of us so we didn't have to stop off at lots of hotels to pick people up as we all met up at a meeting point on Rothschild Boulevard. Chava took us to places that some tours don't. We saw Temple Mount, Christs tomb and the place where Jesus supposedly had his last supper. Lunch was an option of falafel or shwarma but very tasty none the less. The tour was 9 hours but so worth it, I have not stopped talking and thinking about it. Thank you guys

Stephanie O Avatar
Stephanie O

4 star ratingGreat tour through Jerusalem Had a great time with Chava. Many interesting insights. Would have been nice not to rush in the end and maybe have a bit more free time.

182anastasiaa Avatar

5 star ratingGood tour company and customer orientated too Collected at 9.00AM rather than 7.00AM like a lot of the other tour companies. This one does not include the Dead Sea but we weren’t particularly interested in that anyway.

On the one hour transfer to Jerusalem we were given a potted history of the area and all of the invasions and conquerors that have ruled, very interesting and used.

At Jerusalem we saw all the main sites, this company includes Temple Mount, unlike a lot of others and although you can’t go into the mosque there if you are not a Muslim and the Dome of the Rock is closed it is still well worth going, it’s very atmospheric and the views are spectacular.

The Church of The Holy Sepulchre is a must, it is busy but as the focal point for pilgrims for centuries it really has to be on the list of sites to see.

Muslim, Christian and Jewish quarters wer all explores and explains concisely and with genuine professionalism.

Lunch was optional basic but tasty.

We particularly liked the fact that we were not taken to any tourist tat shops, but for anyone wanting to do any shopping the tour company has negotiated a discount at the shop run by the restaurant we had lunch in.

All in all a very professional, customer focussed tour company, we’ll recommend

HimfromPenrith Avatar

5 star ratingGreat tour if you're short on time! Really enjoyed our tour of Jerusalem. Very friendly and knowledgeable tour guide and very well-organized day. From the Mount of Olives to the Western Wall, we learned so much about the history of Jerusalem, tying it back to the stories, traditions and beliefs of the three major monotheistic religions. Very nice to be in a smaller tour group (we had 17 people) as opposed to the huge tour groups that we saw piling into and out of tour buses! The only complaint would be that there simply was too much to see in the time allotted that we weren't able to spend much time at any one location.

Tamara C Avatar
Tamara C

5 star ratingworthwile, inspiring guidance Under the inspiring guidance of Menno de Vries we traveled through the holy city. Surrounded by Jews, Christians and Muslims, from him, we learned about the current power relationships set against the backdrop of 3000 years of conflicting civilizations. My ideas about the center of the earth have been completely updated in an overwhelming way. In a short time, we experienced an impressive amount of the magnificant Jerusalem.

Do not hesitate to let him take you to the olive mountain, the temple mountain and through the old streets of the old city.

ereckless Avatar

5 star ratingTop day in Jerusalem Together with my sister went on this guided tour with Menno de Vries to Jerusalem. On the way in the minibus we already got a nice historical back ground, well visualized with maps on the screen in the bus. It was a nice visit with plenty of interesting things to see, the group of 19 people was just perfect to walk around with, we got two breaks in between to have some drinks and lunch and with a pleasant pace (not too stressy or fast, running from one place to the other but still relax), Menno guided us through Jerusalem providing us very interesting information.. to end the day with a Dutch beer.I would definitely recommend this tour and I would join again! Barbara Korten, The Netherlands

Barbara K Avatar
Barbara K

5 star ratingHighlight of our holiday I wholeheartedly recommend this tour-- it was the highlight of our week in Israel. Our tour guide outlined the broad history of Jerusalem in the hour's bus journey from Tel Aviv, and the tour was well constructed to ensure we saw a good number of the city's most holy sights. I loved our small group--this meant we could ask a lot of questions, and our guide was incredibly knowledgeable about all aspects of religion, history and the city. She ensured we had plenty of toilet and refreshment stops as we required, even buying the whole group a snack to get us through a long (well, a 10 minute long) queue.

This tour is ideal for anyone who has any interest in the city, and seemed to suit those with little knowledge (me) as well as those others in our group who knew a lot already about the city or specific religions. I loved the over arching theme of the day: the common traditions linking different religions; and the message of faith in the world's most holy city was delivered in an impressively impartial but certainly impassioned way.

On a practical note, the later start was perfect for us, as the day is a really packed and tiring one so we were glad to have breakfast at our hotel to set us up for the day. I felt inspired by learning more about all the city's traditions and religions, and would absolutely do another tour with this group.

Jo F Avatar
Jo F