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On this page you can read tips about Jerusalem, especially for people that joined our Boutique Tour,, so we know what you have seen already seen.

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In Jerusalem, almost everything Jewish closes from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening. Only a few restaurants are open in the evening.
Shops and restaurants will remain open in the Arab part of the city, around Damascus Gate and in the Old City.

City pass
If you are going to stay in Jerusalem for several days, a Jerusalem Pass is highly recommended and it will most likely save you money. You can buy the pass online upon arrival at the airport and have it activated at the SMILE desk. The pass includes transport by tram and bus in Jerusalem. A three-day pass costs about 40 euros and a seven-day pass 70 euros. The more expensive one includes transportation to and from the airport, but check before if the departure times suit you. There is no transport during Sabbath, there is no transport from Friday afternoon to Saturday evening.
The card includes free entry to 2 of 3 attractions including City of David, Ramparts Walls Walk, Tower of David and the Israel Museum. You receive an average of 25% discount if you visit more attractions.
This SMILE counter is centrally located in the airport, so visit it before you go through customs. To buy and for more info visit

To Bethlehem
Click here for the different options to get to Bethlehem.

Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum
It is possible to visit Yad Vashem after the boutique tour on Thursdays, but you will not have much time.
You have to get out of the Old City from the Jaffa Gate and then walk to the Municipality lightrail station. You take the lightrail on the right, it goes straight ahead. You have a plastic public transportation card (Ravkav) or you can buy a ticket with your credit card on the platform (not in the lightrail ). Get off at the final stop, Mt Herzl. You can walk from there, about 15 minutes, or take the free shuttle bus to Yad Vashem.
The museum is open until 2 p.m. on Fridays. You can then take the bus from Tel Aviv and from the bus station in Jerusalem the tram to Mt Herzl. On Sunday to Thursday you can also take the express train (arrival at Yitzhak Navonstation).

Entrance is free
Recommended duration: 3 hours
Access under the age of 10 is not permitted, including babies in a stroller or baby carrier.
If you come with more than 6 people, you must notify us in advance.
You can pay for parking under the museum.
A “must” is to walk through the Children’s Monument in addition to the museum.

Tunnels at the Western Wall / Western Wall
This is a one-hour tour with a guide that you must book and pay for in advance.
You can do this via

Tunnels at City of David / City of David
This is the real old Jerusalem with remains of Jewish palaces that are at least 2500 years old and possibly King David (3000 years ago).
You can choose from a wet and dry tunnel here. If you take the wet one, you will get wet up to 80cm, that is only a short distance, the rest of the more than 500 meter long tunnel is water up to your ankles. The dry tunnel is shorter.
At the end you reach the Pool of of Shiloam, known from the New Testament, from there an 850 meter long tunnel leads back into the Old City. You pass under the walls and come up at the Western Wall, near the part called the Wailing Wall.

Mahaneh Yehuda / The Market
Easy to walk from the center or take the lightrail and get off at the Mahaneh Yehuda station.
This old traditional market is still well used, but is now also hip and hot.
The transformation takes place around 5 pm and the market stalls close and the pubs and restaurants open.