The Journey to Jerusalem an Experience of a Lifetime

Join us on an adventurous journey to Jerusalem. We’ll walk hand in hand with our ancestors from 2000 years ago as we make the exciting pilgrimage from their homes all the way to the Temple. What games did they play along the way? Where did they camp out? Who did they meet upon arriving in Jerusalem? What did they experience upon entering the Temple?
We will start by journeying with Elkana & his family to the Tabernacle in Shiloh. Next we’ll relive the political drama of the pilgrimage to the altars of Tel Dan & Beth El.
Our main focus, though, will be our journey to Jerusalem. How did we plan our trip, on what roads did we journey, who hosted us & where did we shop upon arrival in Jerusalem. This will all lead up to the event for which we have gathered- our grand entrance and experience in the Second Temple!
All that & so many more stories on this fun virtual tour!
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This Zoom meeting is guided by an Israeli licensed tour guide and open for Q&A.

Like our other tours you can contact us for having a private tour to your clients/church/community etc. which then could be modified to your request.