The Battle for Jerusalem in Israel’s War of Independence

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Relive the dramatic battles that took place on the road leading up to Jerusalem. These were key battles that helped decide the fate of the war in general, and Jerusalem in particular. We’ll start by joining the Jewish convoys trying to break their way through the Arab siege at ‘Bab El Wad’. Their purpose was to provide food & ammunition to the residents of Jerusalem.

From there we’ll go on the first Jewish offensive in order to conquer the territory overlooking the key road, this being on the Castel hill.

At the fortress in Latrun we’ll join the brave men & women who attacked the Jordanians, twice, and see how that resulted. Hadassah Lempel is one of the fighters at Latrun who’s personal story we’ll explore together.

Towards the end we will experience the innovative spirit of the commanders & fighters of 1948. They broke through impossible terrain in order to open the ‘Burma Road’ to Jerusalem. That saved the city from starvation & thirst.  We also briefly touch upon iconic Israeli poems that were written as inspiration from these battles.

This Zoom meeting is guided by an Israeli licensed tour guide and open for Q&A.

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