A split city- Jerusalem between 1948- 1967

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At the end of the War of Independence the city of Jerusalem was divided in two: the western- Israeli side and the eastern- Jordanian side.

This border was marked, Crossing the city, that was supposed to be an international entity, under UN rule. We will start by understanding how the border was marked and by whom. See who guarded the border, on either side and how the life was for the citizens living nearby the border.

We will virtually walk along the line and see the city as it was at that time, we will hear the stories, some sad and others quite funny that were part of life along the border. As part of the tour we will climb up Mount Zion to join the people that visited the city during these 19 years to the roof of what is known as David’s Tomb, overlooking the Old City. The tour will also show a bit of the end of the border line- the changes after the Six Day War, 1967. 

This Zoom meeting is guided by an Israeli licensed tour guide and open for Q&A.

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