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Tuesday August 11, 3.30pm Israel time: Latrun.
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Below you get an impression of her tour from Jaffa Gate to the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Tuesday, August 11, 8:30 am ET – Travel Tuesdays “Armored Corps Museum in Latrun” with Julia Newman
Latrun is a battle field, the name of which is familiar to every Israeli school kid. It is a fortified British police station which became a Jordanian military base, which prevented Israeli traffic from using Road No.1 on their way to Jerusalem. It is home for one of the largest and most diverse Tanks museums in the world. It is the memorial for the IDF Armored Corpse fallen soldiers. And above all – it is a powerful symbol, which means so much for so many.

Thursday, August 13, 2:00 pm ET – VFI EDUCATES – the Temple Mount with Julia Newman
If you close your eyes, and think of Jerusalem, what would be the first picture you see in front of your eyes? Most probably – the Golden Dome. This dome belongs to the Dome of the Rock mosque on the Temple mount, where the Jewish Temple once stood, the mount which is the cornerstone of the most sacred monotheistic beliefs. The fact that the Temple mount means so much for all the monotheists in the world, makes is incredibly complicated, fascinating, and difficult – difficult to explore, excavate and even visit – since entrance to the mosques of the Temple Mt. is restricted for Muslims only, while some Orthodox Jews will not visit even the mount itself.
This virtual tour will enable you to “walk” the Temple Mount, “enter” the beautiful mosques, and understand why this place is not just the cornerstone of religions, but of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as well.
Tuesday, August 18, 1 PM ET, Travel Tuesdays “Golan Heights” with Julia Newman
The Golan is a relatively bare basalt plateau of about 1800 sq. kilometers. Sound boring? Well, let me take you on a “tour”! We will visit Umm El Qanatir – a 1300 years old restored synagogue, the restoration of which was a top – level technical project, which location above the Sea of Galilee is gorgeous. We’ll talk about olive oil, and waterfalls in deep canyons – a hikers paradise, and a “Little Stonehenge” – all found at the Golans. I promise – you won’t be bored, you would like to stay longer!

Thursday, Aug. 20, 2:00 pm ET – VFI EDUCATES – Lebanon and Hezbollah with Brigadier General (res.) Shuki Ben Anat
LEBANON is the most western state between the Arab countries in the Middle East. Its capital, Beirut, “Paris of the Middle East” was, until the 70’s the cultural and financial center of the Middle East.
No more! Lebanon is a country “on the edge of an abyss”: Ethnic and political bloody conflicts, an ever-severe economic crisis, ruled by Hezbollah and recently also hit awfully hard by Corona. All of these make Lebanon a regional barrel of explosives
In our lecture we will discuss, in general, the structure and characteristics of this country, in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict, the main events of this conflict, the establishment of Hezbollah as an Iranian arm in Lebanon and possible short-term scenarios, especially the most prominent of them, called the “Third Northern War”.
Regards the terrible event of the explosion in Beirut (August 4, 2020) and the ongoing instability in this country, it is not at all possible to predict how we will meet Lebanon at the time of our lecture. . .

Tuesday, August 25, 11:30 am ET, Tuesday Travels “Masada” with Julia Newman
Masada is a cliff, a UNESCO Heritage site, and a legend preserved in stones.
Masada is a semi-flat and naturally fortified plateau which was chosen by the Hasmonean kings to become a fortress and palace in the desert. The fortress was inherited by king Herod the Great, who made it even better fortified and gorgeous. In 66 AD, during the Great Jewish revolt against the Roman Empire, this naturally beautiful site became home for a group of Jewish freedom fighters. 7 years later, it became the last stronghold of the revolt. The engineering quality of the siege of Masada by the Roman legions made it a UNESCO site, but the bravery and the tragic death of the Jewish fighters made it a symbol which is alive to present days.
The tour of Masada is about a palace and a bathhouse, 2000 – years- old frescoes and mosaics, the incredible beauty of the Judean Desert, and the terrible and timeless dilemma – “death or freedom”.

Thursday, August 27, 2:00 pm ET – VFI EDUCATES – Israeli agriculture – from basic to high tech. with Inon Hedvati
Israel from the horse and plow to The Cutting Edge of farming Technologies
in this lecture we will go over the process and try to understand the reasons why Israel became a cutting-edge of Technologies in farming as in Hi-Tech what will be the reasons for Israel’s growth as a nation who will bring Innovations such as drip irrigation in the development of new species of fruits and vegetables. how Israel is able to help third world countries to cure feminine and to make this world a better place.

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