The PhotoHouse- Black & White Holyland

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The PhotoHouse began as one of the small photography shops scattered along Tel Aviv’s Allenby Street , and over the years became one of the most famous photography  collections in the country, in which milestones in local history were burned on negatives and archive binders.

In this lecture, we will get to know the founders of the The PhotoHouse , Rudi and Miriam Wiessenstein, discover how Rudi became the photographer of the Israeli declaration of independence,  and be fascinated by the variety of black and white testimonies of this unique country.
We will talk about famous photographs, anecdotes behind photos, the challenges of maintaining a private photograpgy collection of national and historical importance, and  will be moved by the amazing survival story of the small family business for over 80 years.
Join me for a journey of rare holy land moments.
Michal Minsky is the Archivist of The PhotoHouse,  an old Israeli photography and Tel-Aviv expert.

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