Live tour on location in Jaffa – Levi Zelkind

As Levi strolls in Jaffa, you’ll enjoy great views of the sea, Jaffa and Tel Aviv while Levi explains and shares with you the intriguing history and stories of what you are seeing.

It is YOUR tour, you can chat with Levi and he’ll even give you a chance to meet some of the locals, if you wish.

Duration: 1 hour
When: Daily, Sunday to Friday, between 8 AM to 3 PM Israel time
Requirements: WhatsApp and Zoom (free accounts)
Price: $25.00 USD per person
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So here’s the plan:

We’ll start at the invisible border between modern Tel Aviv and ancient Jaffa.

As we walk south along the Tel Aviv Promenade and enjoy the sea views, we’ll talk about the dramatic history of the Holy Land.

Soon, we’ll catch our first view of Jaffa from the distance.

view of Jaffa
We’ll see the famous Rocks of Andromeda jutting out from the depth of the sea, and you’ll hear about the ancient Greek legend and Jaffa.

We’ll continue walking along the shore and visit the Jaffa Port.

Jaffa is one of the most ancient port cities in the world and the oldest in Asia. It is not in use today except for small boats. Today’s large ships brings goods to Israel’s Haifa and Ashdod ports.

At the Jaffa Port, we’ll see the 2,000 year old house of Simon the Tanner where St. Peter had his prophetic dream.

We’ll leave the port and stroll along the twisting lanes of Crusader Jaffa.

Eventually, we will reach the highest point of the Jaffa Hill where we’ll enjoy stunning views of Tel Aviv.

view of Tel Aviv from the Jaffa Hill, HaPisga
As we continue our walk down the hill, we will see Turkish cannons, the famous Crusader Citadel and an ancient mosque from the 13th century.

This is where our tour is finished, and we’ll be happy to continue our lively discussion.