Jerusalem’s Neighborhoods

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Let’s visit some of Jerusalem’s interesting neighborhoods, and see where and how Jerusalemites live. The tour will start with an overview of the Old City, where everybody lived for the last hundreds of years. We will then join the brave people who ventured out of the Old City (and it was a venture indeed) in the second half of the 19th century, and visit the first building out of the Old City (Bishop Gobat School), and the first Jewish neighborhood (Mishkenot Sha’ananim).

From there it’s just a short stroll on to the First Station, the place where in 1892 the train reached Jerusalem. Then we will cross the street and reach The German Colony, named so because a group of very unique Germans, the Templers, established it. Kibbutz Ramat Rachel is next, and yes! There’s a real kibbutz in the middle of Jerusalem.
There are many more neighborhoods we are going to visit in this tour, among them are: Talbie and Rehavia, where the rich and famous live; Machane Yehuda and Nakhla’ot, the first being THE open air market of Jerusalem, and the later the adjacent neighborhood known for its alleys; the ultra orthodox neighborhoods, where life is unique; Governmental Hill, where the museum, government and the supreme court are separated by a rose garden;

Mt. Hertzel which is Israel’s national cemetery as well as the location of Yad Vashem, the holocaust memorial; and Ein Karem, where John the Baptist was born, and where there is a real Russian village…

This Zoom meeting is guided by an Israeli licensed tour guide and open for Q&A.

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