In Jesus Footsteps: Jerusalem

Complete your visit to Jerusalem by going back in time to the City’s most glorious era: The 1st Century CE, 2nd temple Jerusalem.

Hop on our time machine: the model of Jerusalem in 66 CE presented at the Israel Museum.

On This tour we will take the full advantage of online travel tech to swap between the model sites to the sites in nowadays reality of Jerusalem. The tour will be guided by an Israeli licensed tour guide.

We will start the tour with looking at the model from different sides and angels. Then we will compare the perimeter of 2020 old Jerusalem to 66 CE Jerusalem from an aerial view.

Afterwards we will Visit the Temple (1 Kings 8, 9)and it’s courtyards(John 2:13-16).

While we are wondering about the experiences of worldwide pilgrims to Jerusalem.

After you will get an understanding why Jerusalem’s beauty had withdrew  also gentiles to visit the Holy city, proceed north.

Northern to the Temple we will proceed to find the Bethesda Pools(John 5).
At Bethesda, you will learn how biblical Moses(Numbers 21) meets here with Jesus’ ministry time, King David and Hippocrates . To complete this experience take a short visit to the recently excavated Siloam pool (John 9)
at the other end of Jerusalem.

Although there is much more to explore, we will end our visit with a better knowledge of Jerusalem, till our next meeting.

This Zoom meeting is guided by an Israeli licensed tour guide and open for Q&A.

Like our other tours you can contact us for having a private tour to your clients/church/community etc. which then could be modified to your request.