Israel coronavirus (covid-19) air travel update

This page has information for incoming tourists to Israel and restrictions that might apply.. For business people and family members other rules might apply.

Updated May 8, 2021
Israel among 12 ‘green’ countries okayed for UK summer travelers.
The EU added Israel to a European Union safe list for countries it says should be allowed to freely travel to Europe for tourism, a statement said on Thursday, the list of countries from the EU is not published, Israel is exppected to be listed.
Anyway, Israel won’t let tourists in yet. On May 23, limited groups will come. There is no date yet that individual tourists will be allowed, Tourism Minister thinks it will be from July.

Updated May 5, 2021
Tourism Ministery has agreed with the “relevant officials” on a list of 14 destinations she says foreign tourists can begin traveling from later on May 23, according to Channel 12 news.
The list includes the United States, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Malta, Iceland, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, New Zealand, Australia, Singapore and Hong Kong.
If the tourists are indeed allowed, they are expected to be required to take a serological test proving they have COVID antibodies, as well as a regular coronavirus test, the report says.

Updated April 27, 2021
The last week Israel met with representatives of the UK to start a Greenpass travel corridor, as it did with United Arab Emirates, Greece and Cyprus.
For now the date for a limited selected (by lottery) groups is May 23.
July is the projected month for individual tourists to be able to arrive again.

Updated April 13, 2021

Israel will allow vaccinated tourists from May 23 2021.
That was announced today by the Tourism Minister and Health Minister.
Only groups will be allowed because they are easier to monitor.
Tourists will be required to take a PCR COVID-19 test before boarding the plane to Israel.
Upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport, they will have to take both a PCR test and a serology test, which proves the existence of antibodies.







Update April 8 2021
Business people can visit

As part of the new rules, business people who wish to visit Israel can obtain permission to fly in, which can be done as follows:
First of all, contact should be made with the representation of Israel in the country of departure; there, a general permit can be issued on the request for access, under the following conditions:

  • Receipt of an initial approval from the Population and Immigration Authority – or from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – which can be issued on the basis of a permit from the Ministry of Economic Affairs, and in the case of an unvaccinated entrepreneur, an additional permit of the Israeli Ministry of Health.
  • Negative PDR Corona test results (conducted up to 72 hours before flight) in the country of origin and subject to further testing upon arrival in Israel.
  • Presentation of a valid health insurance policy which includes a clause covering incidents related to the Coronavirus.
  • Persons who have already been vaccinated or recovered from Corona: a commitment to comply with the conditions of isolation and testing as set out in the guidelines of the Israeli Ministry of Health, including a serological test and possibly electronic surveillance.

In addition to the ongoing reopening of the Israeli economy, the new policy is expected to see many other sectors dependent on the recruitment of foreign workers, including experts, artists, athletes and workers for agricultural, construction and nursing activities.

If you are planning a business trip you can use some help in dealing with the authorities, use the contact form to get in touch with us.

Update April 6, 2021

Foreign tourists are still not welcome in Israel.

Israel is exchanging info about vaccinations and Israeli’s are currently allowed to fly to Dubai, Croatia, Georgia, Montenegro, Greece, Cyprus, from April 14.

It will not be a surprise if Israel allows citizens from those countries to visit before opening up to other countries.
because of the fast vaccination rate, also tourists from the UK are expected to be able to visit in the near future.

Update March 2021:

In February 2021 Israel signed two deals with Greece and Cyprus allowing quarantaine-free travel between these countries and Israel. This will probably start after the Pesach holiday, which starts on Saturday March 27.
Greece, Cyprus and Israel are also connected as a “green island” with cruise ships.

Israel is in talks with the following countries to sign deals for travel without self-isolation, based on green passes
United Kingdom,Estonia, Romania, Serbia, Georgia, Seychelles.

Denmark and Sweden are in the process of setting up vaccination passports and the EU will probably follow after.

In March, the International Air Travel Association (IATA) travel app will be launched and tested by 30 airlines. The app allows governments and airlines to digitally collect, access and share information on the status of individual passengers’ Covid-19 test and vaccination.

Official corona information website: