Hinduism and Judaism: Shared Roots, Different Branches? by Dr. Eyal Dujovny

At first glance, it would seem undeniable that no two religions could be more opposed. Judaism, the mother of all monotheistic religions, is defined by its insistence on One (and only One) supreme deity, while Hinduism is typified by a dizzying array of deities. And yet, if one just scratches the surface, there are many unexpected commonalities, shared practices, and historical convergences between these two ancient faith traditions. In this lecture, we will examine the evidence and reflect upon these surprising similarities and what they might mean.

NOTE: This is the first of three lectures in a series I am calling: India in Israel. The next two will deal with the physical sites in Israel that attest to a longstanding connection to Israel.

DATE: Join us on Sunday, August 2

TIME: 6:30 PM Israel Time (11:30 AM Eastern Time / 9:00 PM India Time / 5:30 PM Central European Time / 8:30 AM Pacific Time).

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