Complete tour of the Holy Sepulcher Church in Jerusalem

From Station 9 of the Via Dolorosa to the Tomb of Jesus inside the Holy Sepulcher Church. This short video will show you all there is to see inside the church.

13 minutes, visiting upper and lower levels with almost no visitors inside the Church because of  travel restrictions due to Covid-19.

The 9th stations is next to the Egyptian Copts Monastery, which is above the Holy Sepulcher Church.

From there you can easily walk to the large rooftop of the church. This part is occupied by dozens of Ethiopian monks, who live there under very basic conditions, in tiny rooms.

From the rooftop we take two set of stairs passing two Ethiopian chapels before reaching the courtyard of the Holy Sepulcher Church.

After entering the church, we see the Stone of Anointing, where Jesus was anointed before his burial. At the right corner after entering the church we take a flight of stairs going up to Golgotha, the place of the crucifixion.

At the Greek chapel it is possible to light candles. You can make your donation in the wooden box, next to the Greek priest, and take one or more candles.

Below  is the Chapel of Adam, where we see the crack in the rocks of Golgotha.

We go down to the Armenian chapels under the Church, passing a large painting showing the holy mountain Ararat, where Noah set foot on land again. That is al according to tradition (att), as is the story of Queen Helen, who found a few crosses in the lowest chapel. The story goes that she interrupted a funeral parade to use a dead body to identify the true cross.

Next we visit the small Assyrian Chapel, which has an entrance to a first century burial cave. The burial cave of Jesus would probably have looked the same, also with a rolling stone to close the cave.

In front of the Assyrian Chapel is a place for the Egyptian Christians, the Copts, where bedrock from the burial place of Jesus can bee seen.

After making a circle in the church we are close to the Stone of Anointing, where it possible to get candles from The Armenian monks.

Last you see the center of the church which is also the center of Christianity, The Edicule, meaning “little house” in Latin, it is the tomb build on the location of Jesus’ burial and resurrection, att.