Differences with main day tours

What makes this tour unique?

  • Late departure allows you to enjoy a more relaxed morning.
  • Enjoy a personal experience with an excellent licensed guide and a small group of max. 19 people.
  • We drive directly to Jerusalem, no stops to switch buses or guides and your guide will speak the whole way about the history of the people that where here to better enjoy the things that you are going to see during the day.
  • You will spend the whole day in and around The Old City (this tour does not visit Yad Vashem).
  • You will actually visit the Temple Mount (Dome of the Rock, Al Aqsa mosque) instead of only viewing it from afar (note: not possible on Friday and Saturday).
  • Guiding in one language, your guide will not switch languages during this tour.
  • Enjoy a faster ride back to Tel Aviv because this tour uses the toll road.
  • You can use this tour to transfer to Jerusalem with your luggage.
  • After pick up there is no switching of buses.