Water Sources in Ancient Israel

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Water Sources in Ancient Israel- Where did the residents of the land of Israel get their water from in ancient times? Come discover Israel’s fascinating water sources dating back to 2000 & 3000 years ago! The City of David has an extraordinarily complex water system created 3800 years ago, we are going to have fun walking through it and enjoying its ingenious creation.

Megiddo will be next in line and offer us a glimpse of how they hid their water source from the enemy while creating a secret tunnel to give their residents easy access.
From Megiddo we’ll jump forward in time to the Roman era and explore aqueducts with new water technology.
Our first discovery of Roman ingenuity will be the water sources of Caesarea with its beautiful aqueducts, bathhouses and more.
The site of Tzippori’s gorgeous water reservoir is not to be missed before we head out to the Judean Desert. Here we will discover the fascinating technology of amassing and preserving water at Masada & Herodion.
We’ll next walk in the footsteps of Jerusalem’s 2000 year old water system that arrived from the Judean Hills. In order to finish our tour we’ll explore Jerusalem’s 2000 year old pools.

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