Water in Modern Day Israel

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How did Israel evolve to become a world leader in water technology?

Join our guide on a fascinating journey spanning the last 90 years to discover this answer. Simcha Blass was the extraordinary visionary who’s ‘out of the box’ thinking will start our journey.

We’ll travel Israel and visit the foundations of the pipe lines that provide water for the land- the ‘Champagne Pipeline’, ‘Yarkon-Negev’ water system & the ‘National Water Carrier’.

How did we make the desert bloom in recent decades? From the streets of Tel Aviv we’ll follow the journey of waste water being cleaned and then making its way to help grow agriculture in the desert.

Underground aquifers dating back to prehistoric times? We’ll travel to a farm in the Arava desert that uses water from there too.

We will discover how Israel’s famous drip system was discovered by accident, and how one man’s idea about desalinating sea water has helped to solve Israel’s water issues, and maybe the whole world’s too…

This Zoom meeting is guided by an Israeli licensed tour guide and open for Q&A.

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