Tiberias- The Jewish Story

Tiberias- The Jewish Story. Mosaics, Maimonides, the Independence War & more

On our virtual tour we will discover Tiberias’s rich past. From the key role lupine flowers (!!!) played in its early settlement, to walking hand in hand with the sages of the Sanhedrin down the Roman era cardo.

We’ll enjoy the games that the ancient theatre has to offer us and debate regarding how such a structure existed right next to the Sanhedrin (Jewish sages).
Not to be missed will be a visit of the 1500 year old exquisite Hamat Tveria Synagogue with its breathtaking mosaics.

Leaving ancient times and entering the middle ages, influential figures such as Maimonides & Dona Gracia will send their regards from several hundred years ago. We will explore how a camel played a key role in Maimonides final journey to the city.
Learn why Dona Gracia tried creating a Jewish state in Tiberias over 300 years before modern day Zionism commenced.
Sea of Galilee

In order to shape Tiberias into its present day state we’ll rebuild the city with the brave 80 year old Rabbi Chaim Abulafya & and enjoy the amenities that the city’s first high level modern day hotel had to offer, including (gasp) running water from a faucet!

During the British Mandate presence in Israel we’ll wave at the amphibious airplanes that landed on the Sea of Galilee (Kinneret).

Tensions between the Arabs and Jews will rise in the 1930’s that will spill over into the Independence War, leading to victory by the Haganah fighters.

This Zoom meeting is guided by an Israeli licensed tour guide and open for Q&A.

Like our other tours you can contact us for having a private tour to your clients/church/community etc. which then could be modified to your request.