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We are unique, like others, 😎

Whether this is your first or second coming, we treat you with the same respect, as a client, as a student and as a friend.

So what makes us unique?
Being ranked the #1 Experience in Israel helps, that’s for our Amazing Jerusalem Boutique Tour. But it is the way we communicate with you that makes the difference.

From the moment you choose joining one of our boutique tours or take one of us as your private guide, any question you have, will be answered by your guide. We don’t have a sales office and account managers, only independent professional tour guides, totally dedicated to make sure you have an awesome, once in a lifetime, experience. They will deliver what they promise, that’s what made us the #1.

Most people visiting the Holy Land have one chance for visiting Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and Masada etc. Why take a risk that those visits might not be a perfect match with your expectations?

Well, now you know you dont have to.

Our Palestinian colleagues
Guiding in places under control of the Palestinian Authority (PA), aka Area A, like Bethlehem and Jericho will never be done by  an Amazing Jerusalem guide. The guide will be with you, but let the guiding be done by a Palestinian guide with a license from the PA. If you decide to go to such a place with another company, please ask them about their policy, Palestinian guides are not allowed to guide in Israel, refusing to use them on their own ground, to save a few dollars, is a practise that is still very common.
Kudos ang hugs from our Palestinian colleagues if you do.




Participation in Tourist Fairs



Amazing Jerusalem was founded by entrepreneur and licensed tour guide Menno de Vries.
Contact him for if you are a journalist, blogger, travel agent etc. via

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